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In 1933 the American Military asked Bausch & Lomb, a renowned eyewear firm, to design a pair of sunglasses that would protect the soldiers from sun glare while piloting the high-speed airplanes. The result was Ray-Ban sunglasses (a name that derives from ray banner, barrier against sun rays) which quickly became part of the military gear.Shortly after this, in May 1937, these sunglasses were authorized to be sold directly to the public which catapulted the Ray-Ban Aviators to stardom and have been an insignia ever since.Ray Ban Outlet.The eyewear brand had a huge popularity boost thanks to the publicity stunt starring pilot Amelia Earhart. After this event, everybody had to have a pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses; it was a huge promotional success.By the 40s, Second World War soldiers made Ray-Ban their own.Discount Ray Bans.The new decade also brought new technological advances. The new Ray-Ban’s included the Gradient Silver Mirror with a special coating on the upper part of the lens for protection, and a coating lower down for a clearer view which made them very comfortable and ideal for piloting.The 50s were a total change as the war was finally over. It brought a breath of fresh air to the Ray-Ban’s as the new Wayfarer design was born featuring colorful frames.Cheap Ray Ban Sungalsses.This was a turning point for the brand as it was now regarded as a fashionable accessory and no longer military gear.But it was Audrey Hepburn’s stylish and iconic Breakfast at Tiffany’s wardrobe that really defined the Wayfarer as a classical, chic accessory. Wayfarer’s then became the best-selling eyewear design in Ray-Ban history.

The Ray Ban Justin takes a bit of a more modern approach to its structure.A 55mm wide and 44mm tall pair of lenses are featured making it the larger option out of the two. These sunglasses tend to find their way onto the faces of men but can also be a great buy for any ladies who enjoy the bigger look.Ray Ban Sunglasses Sale.The style of the two models are very similar yet quite different in their own way.The Wayfarer will give you more of a classic feel that turns you back in time and provides that sense of old school flare that is always fashionable, where as, the Justin will put you on the forefront of the fashion industry with a sleek and modern look that is guaranteed to turn some heads. The Ray-Ban Wayfarer also features more of a lens tilt, and the Justin lenses sit at more of a vertical positioning on your face.Ray Bans On Sale.When it comes to the decision of whether to buy the Justin or the Wayfarer, there is no wrong answer. The Original Ray-Ban Wayfarer is one of the top-selling sunglasses of all time.On the other hand, the Ray-Ban Justin is staking its own claim in the fashion industry.Fake Ray Bans.Need prescription? Get all things Ray-Ban prescription online at SportRx.If you have any other questions about the Ray-Ban Justin vs. Wayfarer, sizes in general, or anything pertaining to prescription Ray-Ban sunglasses and eyeglasses, feel free to contact us!

Ray-Ban sunglasses are some of the most iconic sunglasses in the world.They’ve been worn in some of modern culture’s most important Hollywood movies including Top Gun, Reservoir Dogs, Terminator 2, Risky Business,Taxi Driver with Robert De Niro and Cobra with Sylvester Stallone as well as the more recent films, James Bond’s Casino Royale and the latest Skyfall.Ray Ban Sunglasses.The Ray-Ban brand has been around since the 1930s and over the decades, two distinct styles have become classics within the fashion industry; the Ray-Ban Aviator and the Ray-Ban Wayfarer are two of the most copied styles in the history of sunglasses.Cheap Ray Bans.Ray-Ban’s two greatest achievements are its original sunglasses designs: Aviator and Wayfarer sunglasses.These two sunglasses designs have been imitated over and over, but nobody does them better than Ray-Ban! On top of these, Ray-Ban designs a vast range of sunglasses styles, so browse the entire collection below!Ray-Ban’s two greatest achievements are its original sunglasses designs: Aviator and Wayfarer sunglasses. These two sunglasses designs have been imitated over and over, but nobody does them better than Ray-Ban! On top of these, Ray-Ban designs a vast range of sunglasses styles.Ray Ban Sale.


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While Ray-Ban sunglasses are one of the today`s premier fashion accessories, they were initially designed for the United States Air Force in 1937. Then, the New York-based company Bausch and Lomb developed a product that addressed the concerns of pilots` eye health.Cheap Ray Bans.Specialist Ray Ban lenses filtered out the harmful infrared and ultraviolet rays that could cause severe eye damage by using mineral glass. As well as providing eye protection, Bausch and Lomb wanted to craft sophisticated Ray Ban sunglasses for men in the services.Cheap Replica Ray Bans Outlet.After being spotted outside of the forces, Ray Bans quickly caught on with current trends and the American pop culture.Cheap Ray Bans Wayfarers.These original Ray Ban sunglasses had polarised lenses and soon appealed to outdoor enthusiasts and sportsmen like cyclists, fishermen, gardeners and runners.Fake Ray Bans.Before long there were Ray Ban sunglasses for sale in major department stores and the classic film, Breakfast at Tiffany`s, featured Ray Ban sunglasses for women.

Ray Ban owes much of its worldwide appeal to appearances in films such as The Blues Brothers, Reservoir Dogs and Risky Business.Ray Ban Outlet.After the release of the 1986 blockbuster, Top Gun, showcasing Tom Cruise in Aviators, Ray Ban skyrocketed in popularity, and the company saw an extraordinary 40% increase in sales.Cheap Ray Bans Sunglasses Outlet.Ray Ban continued its massive exposure in the `80s by appearing in over 60 more films and television shows, and they began signing deals with leading production companies to feature the brand exclusively.Just as adored by the music industry, legendary musicians Bob Dylan, Madonna, Michael Jackson and members of U2, frequently worn Ray Ban ray ban sungalsses.The entertainment industry ensured that Ray Ban was firmly cemented in pop culture and continues to do so.Fake Ray Bans Sale Online.Ray-ban sunnies have recently spotted on Taylor Swift and Ben Affleck.

Now, Ray Ban is also synonymous with the celebrity and fashion scene. Fans of the brand include Brad Pitt, Kate Moss, Alexa Chung, Nicole Ritchie, Sinenna Miller, Natalie Portman, Demi Moor and countless other A List stars.ray ban sunglasses sale.Where there is a great band or musician, it is also likely that there will often be a great pair of Ray-Ban’s to complete their look. Ray-Ban was particular popular at the time that Rock and Roll burst onto the scene and artists such as Madonna, Bob Dylan and David Bowie were often seen rocking out wearing their Wayfarers.Cheap Ray Bans Wayfarer Sunglasses.More recently front men such as Brandon Flowers (The Killers), Ricky Wilson (Kaiser Chiefs) and Bobby Gillespie (Primal Scream) have been spotted out and about or on tour wearing their Ray-Bans. Effortless thrown- together style is the look that many Indie or Rock bands go for and Ray-Bans definitely compliment this depicting the essence of a cool and retro inspired ray bans.Music is hugely association with the Ray-Ban brand and the recent revamped Wayfarers which have retained their original style but added a splash of vibrant colour, have been a massive focal accessory at the recent iconic music festivals such as Glastonbury and V Festival and the fact that both the audience and the artists.Ray Bans Wayfarer Outlet.musicians and bands were wearing them is testament that they are accessible to everyone and actually look fantastic on both men and women and also on a variety of face shapes.

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