Katya Starshova showed a photo of her boyfriend

Already a few weeks photo matured buttons from "Daddy's daughters" walk on the network. The actress managed not only to become older (this year she graduated from the 9th grade), but also to change: the girl has long forgotten about the career of an actress, she dreams of becoming a doctor or doing science.

But loyal fans continue to follow Katya (15) on Instagram. And recently, the girl managed to surprise them again! The star of "Daddy's Daughters" published a picture in which he poses with a young man, signing him: "When I wanted to capture how I look at my boyfriend ..."

Fans immediately overwhelmed the actress with enthusiastic comments: “What a beautiful couple”; “O God, you're so cute”; "It is pleasant to look at you"; "Happiness to you, you are very beautiful." And everyone was interested in the question of how the lovers met, but Buttons did not tell.

Recall, the series "Daddy's Daughters" was from 2007 to 2013 and was one of the most popular on the CTC channel. Katya Starshova played the youngest daughter of the main character, Pugovka. At the time of filming the actress was six years old. Now Katya finished school, she is going to enter the lyceum and is actively engaged in figure skating .

Judging by the photos on social networks, Katya met her boyfriend on the ice. Looks like they train together.

True, the girl hides the name of the young man, and the joint photos in her tape appear infrequently.