How often do you need to wash, wash and wash your hair?

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How often should I wash?


Man is a real waste factory. Each of us daily “sheds” 500 million skin scales and produces about 1 liter of sweat. As a result of the activity of skin bacteria, all this smells bad. Some types of bacteria, for example, produce the same substances that are contained in the "smelly" varieties of cheese or fermented beer.

But the most unpleasant smell is exuded by apocrine glands, most of which are concentrated in the armpits and genitals. Add to this the action of bacteria and understand why underwear, shirts and T-shirts, and everything that is in direct contact with the apocrine glands, should be washed daily. Bras - after two, a maximum of three wearing.

Socks also require daily washing, because the darkness and moisture inside the shoes are just perfect for the reproduction of bacteria.

Pajamas and other clothes for sleeping should be changed after every second sock or, in extreme cases (for example, if you sleep in Spartan in a cool bed and sweat a little), - once a week.

Jeans should be washed after every fifth socks. Do not trust manufacturers who advise to do this as rarely as possible - once every six months or even once a year: it is just important for them that their jeans keep their original presentation for longer. However, honest manufacturers claim that washing after five socks will not damage either the color or the fibers of the fabric.

Important: it turns out that it is best to wash jeans in very cold water, and not at 30 degrees, as most do!

Other things that are not in contact with the sweat glands directly, of course, are erased less often, but not enough to wear them for months. However, if we are talking about tight clothes, including jeans, then it should be washed more often, like everything that fits tightly to the body.


Bed linen (sheets, pillowcases, duvet covers) is best changed every week. To destroy bacteria, wash it at 60 degrees at least and, if possible, dry in the sun, because ultraviolet light also effectively eliminates microorganisms. And more pillowcases need to be further additionally ironed in the “cotton” mode (200 degrees).

Pillows that can be washed, send to the machine every three months, setting the temperature at 60 degrees. This medical information will convince any lazy person: the weight of a dirty pillow may already consist of germs, ticks and their waste by a third! And on average in the unwashable pillow you can find 16 types of fungus. Brrr!

Do not forget about mattresses: every six months they need to be vacuumed or steamed to get rid of any allergens. And every 8 years, change to new ones.

Bath accessories

Towels, even after one wiping, are covered with a multitude of skin scales, on which the same bacteria nest, plus a moist environment that is favorable for them - do you guess how often they need to be sent for washing? In fact, once a week, but on condition that you dry them thoroughly after each use. If this is a problem for you, and they remain crumpled and wet for a long time, then it is better to wash them every day.

Important: towels can not be left in the laundry basket for a long time, especially wet and crumpled - there they will actively breed bacteria, which will not be so easy to destroy.

When washing terry towels , use only half the dose of detergent, otherwise they will become less fluffy. And, as studies have shown, it is better to wash them in warm water and, oddly enough, do not use air conditioning.

But how often do you think it is necessary to wash terry bathrobes ? Many people think that once they are put on immediately after washing, that is, on a clean body, they should be washed less often, but this is not so. First, even just cleansed skin loses dead skin scales. Secondly, most often a robe is put on a slightly damp body. And, thirdly, it hangs in the bathroom, where the environment is always wet. Conclusion: wash your bathrobes once a week, just like towels.

After all this, a logical question arises ...

How often do you need to wash?

Washing too often, especially in hot water, is more harmful than helpful: this way you dry out and irritate your skin, wash off good bacteria and increase the risk of infections. Therefore, it is not necessary to take a shower every day — on average, quite once every 2-3 days (more often if you are very active physically or live in a hot climate). In the end, the most "dirty" parts of the body can be refreshed separately.

Important: babies and toddlers do not need to be washed every day. The skin should contact early with dirt and bacteria, so that later, in adulthood, there would be no allergies and inflammations such as eczema.

The skin should contact early with dirt and bacteria, so that later, in adulthood, there would be no allergies and inflammations such as eczema

What about shampooing?

It depends on such individual parameters as the thickness of the hair, their fat content, the condition of the scalp, but one fact applies to all: too frequent washing also does more harm than good.

Paradoxically, the more often you wash your head, trying to get rid of greasiness, the more you dry your skin and make your hair even fatter, trichologists say. But on the issue of frequency diverge. Some people advise to avoid daily washing and recommend doing it 1 to 3 times a week. Others see nothing wrong with washing their hair every day.

Important: the conditioner is not an addition to shampoo, but a completely independent product that can be used separately, for example, in the intervals between washing the head during the week. But remember that it makes the hair heavier.

In general, you can follow these rules:

Straight hair: if you want it to look dry and less shiny, you can wash it with shampoo every day. And with an air conditioner like this: if you want your hair to “fall down” heavily, as if under its own weight, use it 4–5 times a week; and if you need a lighter, hairstyle, - 1-2 times.

Wavy hair wash 3 times a week, and conditioner use 1-2 times - when they start to seem too dry.

Curly hair (large and small curls) can not be washed with shampoo too often: enough 2 times a week. Use only moisturizing shampoos, and conditioner - 1-2 times a week, but not on the same days as shampoo, otherwise reload your hair and ruin their texture.

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How often should I wash?
What about shampooing?
How often should I wash?
How often do you need to wash?
What about shampooing?