Affiliate filter in Google / Yandex: reasons and methods of removal

  1. Check sites for affiliate filter
  2. How to display a site with an affiliate filter

In the issuance of search engines, you can often see several sites of a related subject of one owner. The purpose of creating these sites is to monopolize the first page of search results to collect additional traffic on the necessary keywords.

Affiliate Sites are additional sites of one owner that are practically the same as the main site and are aimed at filling the TOP of search results.

Affiliate filter is superimposed on a group of sites and understates their position, with the exception of the most relevant domain.

Search engines negatively refer to affiliate sites, as they do not carry any added value for users, but are copies of the main resource. Therefore, it is quite logical that search engines try to lower such sites in extradition by imposing an affiliate filter on them.

The main danger in creating affiliates is that there are situations when positions sag not on one site, but on all. Therefore, before creating affiliates, it is worth asking: is it worth it?

In most cases, the affiliate filter is applied automatically, but a variant with manual application is also possible (if reported by competitors).

Let's see what the automatic affiliate filter is applied for and how you can protect your sites from it.

The main criteria by which search engines look for affiliate sites:

  • Contact details;
  • Server IP address;
  • products and prices;
  • domain owner;
  • domain names;
  • site structure;
  • content (text and pictures);
  • site design.

Check sites for affiliate filter

Check sites for affiliation is possible only in the search engine Yandex. This is done by excluding the main site (the site that the search engines considered most relevant) from the ranking by the “double tilde” operator (~~).

Suppose you have two affiliate sites: and, which are promoted by the phrase "interior doors in Kiev." Moreover, is in the TOP and receives traffic, and either dropped out of the TOP or could not get there for a long time (but you are sure that it is of high quality and must be in the TOP in the totality of relevance). Then in the search box we enter:

Then in the search box we enter:

And we are looking for whether the site will appear in search results. If you find it, you can most likely say that is recognized as an affiliat site of the domain.

It is worth noting that this hack worked earlier, but then it was fixed. Now we again observe the performance of this method. Use while it still works!

How to display a site with an affiliate filter

In order to display a site with an affiliate filter, it is necessary to eliminate all the above criteria and prepare for a lengthy correspondence with Yandex technical support. In the case of Google, you can try to write on .

As practice shows, the process of outputting a site from an affiliate filter takes a lot of time, so even if you decide to create affiliate sites, it is better to take into account all the nuances in advance.

Therefore, before creating affiliates, it is worth asking: is it worth it?