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In 1952 Ray Ban dared to stray from it’s traditional metal frames and classic Aviator shape and launched the Ray-Ban Wayfarer.ray ban sunglasses. Originally designed to be sold to men, these hard plastic frames appealed equally to women and quickly the Wayfarer started to appear on everyone from Bob Dylan, to Andy Warhol, to Marilyn Monroe. Cheap Ray Bans Wayfarers.Ray Ban had successfully created a frame that would flatter any face shape and left every American yearning to own a pair.Since the beginning Ray Ban has manged to stay relevant in an industry and society that so quickly moves on to the next trend. Along the way they have continued to grow the Ray Ban eyewear collection, offering new styles, fresh colorways, and innovative technology.Cheap Ray Bans Sunglasses.Today Ray Ban still sits as a leader (if not THE leader) of the sunglasses industry and is worn by as many politicians, musicians, artists, and hipsters today as it was in 1937 when American society got their very first glimpse of the future of eyewear.Ray Bans Aviator Outlet.

What is favourable about Ray Ban is the brand’s ability to consistently update their styles yet maintain that original retro appeal.ray ban sale.The hot new styles recently launched include the Clubmaster which has been seen on numerous celebrities and incorporates a bold splash of colour to inject a contemporary edge.Cheap Ray Bans Wayfarer Sunglasses. Featured in all the iconic fashion publications such as Elle Magazine, this is definitely a hot style to be seen in. High quality materials and the use of innovative technologies is incredibly high on Ray Ban’s agenda and the brand uses specific types of material to create its products which then undergo numerous amounts of testing to ensure quality and durability.Polarised lenses are also a defining technical feature of Ray-Ban sunglasses which provide ultimate glare protection as well as incredibly sharp and precise ray bans.The use of carbon fibre also means that the sunglasses are lightweight, strong, durable, flexible and comfortable for all day wear.Fake Ray Bans Sale Online.One hundred percent UV protection is also used on each pair of sunglasses.

Like peanut butter and jelly or Twitter and hashtags, Joe Biden and aviators simply go together. One is never far from the other.Ray Bans Outlet.So it should come as no surprise that the vice president thinks that Ray-Ban, the company that owns the original trademark on the style, should probably sponsor him.In an interview with the Skimm, Biden, whose very first Instagram post was a close-up of his favorite shades, detailed his long love affair with the brand.Ray Bans Wayfarer Outlet.“My lord, I’ve been wearing aviators since I was a freshman in college as a lifeguard,” said Biden, who has donned his signature shades without apology everywhere from the campaign trail to a Yale commencement address.The Veep added, “I think Ray Ban should [sponsor me], I tell you what.” So perhaps Biden will have a gig waiting come Jan. 21, 2017: official Ray-Ban spokesman.ray bans on sale.We’re imagining a cross between Dos Equis’s “most interesting man in the world” and William Shatner for Priceline.Another random tidbit? Biden goes through nearly half a dozen pairs of Ray-Bans a year. Hot Ray Bans Wayfarer.Not because he forgets where he puts them. No, that would be too normal. Nope, the vice president of the United States is constantly having to buy new pairs of sunglasses because “sometimes people steal them for souvenirs.”

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